Roll Forming:Factory & Jobsite

ZIP-RIB & ZIP-LOK panels are typically factory roll-formed. However, to meet your project’s requirements, our portable roll-forming equipment has produced factory-quality ZIP-RIB & ZIP-LOK panels on site in lengths up to 450 feet, all but eliminating the need for end laps.

Curved Panels:Free-Span Canopy

ZIP-RIB offers architects versatility with canopy designs using fewer structural steel members. Building on the strength achieved by radius ZIP-RIB roof panels, it is possible to either greatly reduce or eliminate the need for curved rafters and/or purlins in certain canopy applications

Curved Panels:Factory & Jobsite

Merchant & Evans curving capabilities can be as versatile as the architect's design. With the ability to supply convex or concave curved panels from the factory or at the job site.

Dome Framing Systems

Providing a true dome surface from curved steel can be accomplished in several ways.

Trims Packages:Factory Formed


ZIP-RIB Perforated Wall and Roof Panels are intended to create an aesthetically pleasing yet functional metal cladding solution. Available in a variety of perforation patterns, materials, and colors, designers can create an architecturally attractive yet cost efficient building façade.

Radius Flashing:Factory Formed

Tapered Roofing:Factory Formed